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HWGCash App leads the way to recreate the client experience in financial services with revamped touchpoints and enhanced effectiveness in finance process using blockchain technology. With the speed at which technology has accelerate changes to our life, digital transformation in financial landscape is needed to enable new services to meet the market expectations.

HWGCash App offers a unique financial solution to cater both digital and traditional market clients. We want to bridge the two markets with our smart ecosystem, decentralized solutions, and an innovative digital wallet experience when transacting. Our scalable solutions will enable our clients to navigate the complex landscape of digital assets with a compliant, safe solutions, and open up the door to limitless transaction scenarios.

Full-Fledged Digital Asset Finance Platform

Now you can place your investments, send money locally or internationally, buy or sell digital assets, and enjoy seamless payments on one financial app.

Digital Asset Broking
Money Transfer

Why use HWGCash App?

Licensed and Regulated

Leading innovative finance solution regulated by a government body - Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA), Malaysia.

Decentralized Public Ledger

Every transaction or settlement is final with no downtime, charged-back, or counterparty-risk.

Cross-Platform Solution

Connecting traditional and digital market with one single platform using our ready API.

Convert and Manage

We convert digital assets to stable digital currency in real time enabling you to spend or transfer anytime, anywhere.

Privacy and Security

Transaction information is protected on blockchain nodes and is private between you and receiver.


What our Users Say

“It has been few months since I invested on the AMPLIFY program and the company always pays my interest every month on time. I’m glad to have invested in this program that provide me with 9% returns. Is way better than other banking, insurance or unit trust investment in the market.”

Amplified since July 2020

Trust! That only word I can describe about this brand. They existed since I was kid, from one business to another business. When they started with this payment system business, I never doubt with them. AMPLIFY is such a great long-term investment plan. It really transparent. We know where our money invested. 9% annum is way better than normal investment tools in the market.”

En. Hasrol
Amplified since August 2020

“AMPLIFY give me more ROI every month than current banks’ FD. Will recommend to friends and family.”

Collin Law
Amplified since July 2020

“I am definitely thankful for AMPLIFY. It was a great investment plan with the highest annual interest rate that I never ever enjoy before.”

Ray Cham
Amplified since September 2020

“Recommended by a friend at first, then decided to try them out knowing they are licensed under Labuan. Have been giving me a steady return every month since I joined the growth funds.”

Daphe Wong
Amplified since July 2020

“HWGC services for me is the best blockchain payment system I’ve ever used until now. You guys provided the best exchange rate in the market with fast settlement and withdrawal process for us merchant, which is by far no others platform could do that. It is also very easy to for all our clients from Indonesia Brunei and also Singapore to use due to competitive charges.”

Mohd Syafiq Affandi
Regional Officer of FOG Malaysia

“As an investment consultancy company, we have a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide. HWG CASH has been helping us to facilitate payments between clients worldwide with their fast and secure settlement process using blockchain technology”

Kelson Sim
Marketing Manager of Inter TT Consultancy

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