About HWG Capital P.L.C

HWGG Capital P.L.C (HWGG Capital) is a leader in blockchain payment solution based in the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia. Founded in 2017, HWGG Capital P.L.C is a licensed entity for Money Broking for Digital Assets, Credit Token Business and Payment Operator by the Labuan Financial Services Authority. With its Money Broking for Digital Assets license, the company provides an Over-The-Counter platform to facilitate trading of fiat currencies and digital assets including but not limited to fiat-to-fiat, digital assets-to-digital assets and fiat-to-digital assets. The company has also obtained licenses as a credit token business and payment operator, which allows the company to issue Asia’s first stable fiat-pegged tokens and develop its own blockchain payment app to introduce and connect the mass market users to digital assets payment solution. HWGG Capital P.L.C is committed to building the next generation digital asset payment solution for mass adoption of merchants and users, locally and internationally.

What is HWG Cash?

  • HWG Cash is a public chain token that is built on the everiToken public chain
  • a world’s first token-customized public chain for the token economy: a public chain that is designed without any possibility of downtime censorship / fraud or third-party interference.
  • HWG Cash can be used just like other digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum - ie. In a p2p / pseudo-anonymous / decentralized cryptographically secure environment.
  • HWG Cash can be integrated with merchants; exchanges and blockchain wallets.
  • Assets such as fiat currencies exchanged for HWG Cash are held by HWGG Capital P.L.C a regulated entity under the Labuan Financial Services Authority licensed for fiat/cryptocurrency broking issuance of credit token and payment operator.

How does HWG Cash work?

The Team behind HWG Cash

Chief Executive Officer

Gavin Lim

As the Chief Executive Officer of Ho Wah Genting Group Capital P.L.C, Gavin Lim implements the company’s business strategy while ensuring smooth and efficient progress of the operations, development and marketing of the company’s blockchain project. He is committed to delivering the latest blockchain solutions and services to the Malaysian mass market through HWG Fintech while expanding the global exposure of the company’s brand.

Chief Technology Officer


Yoshikazu Nishimura not only serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Ho Wah Genting Group Capital P.L.C, but he is the company’s resident ‘Crypto Guru’. He oversees the development of blockchain ecosystems, including the world-class blockchain asset wallet, HWGG Pay. This application serves as a platform that offers a seamless user experience for customers to trade their digital assets online in a secure and compliant manner.

Blockchain & Strategy

Brady Luo

Luo is currently servicing as Executive Director as well as the Blockchain and Strategy Partner for Ho Wah Genting Group Capital P.L.C. An internationally recognised specialist in Fintech industry, Luo is the co-founder and chief executive officer of everiToken, the world’s first token-customised public chain. Prior to his current roles, he was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 1Xinyong Big Data Company. as well as the Co-Founder of HiDreamer Mobile Game.

HWG Cash Token White Paper

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