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The licensed investment that works perfectly for you.

Fixed Annual Returns of 9%

Low risk – high returns on your investment.

US Dollar Backed Investment

Secure your investment in a strong base.

Licensed by Labuan FSA, Malaysia

Feel safe and secure when you invest with a licensed entity.

Flexible Contract Time Frames

6 or 12 months. Plan your finances.

Monthly Returns Payout

See immediate results on a monthly basis.

Get Started with as little as USD $500

Start your savings plan at your comfort level.

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What is AMPLIFY?

Amplify is your gateway to huge returns on your investment and savings.

Amplify Returns

It provides you with huge returns of up to 9% p.a.

Steady Payouts

You can enjoy quick results with monthly / annual returns paid out.

Peace of Mind

HWGCash App is licensed by the Labuan FSA, Malaysia.

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Recommended Fund Options


Strategically invests in listed equity, securities, and money market instruments. You have the chance to be part of the diversify investment portfolio in technology and healthcare sectors.

Return up to 9% p.a.


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 A private fund focusing on capital appreciation, over short and midterm, by investing in multiple growth assets including digital assets, initial public offering approved subscription, listed equities, fixed income securities and money market instrument globally.

Return up to 12% p.a.


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How Much Better Is Amplify?

The difference between Amplify and traditional investment growth opportunities are extremely evident over a period of 5 years.

Amplify gives you more than 50% returns (depending choice of investment) on your capital, while traditional methods at 3% returns, give you only 15.9% of compounded returns in 5 years.

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How to Amplify Your Assets in 3 Steps

Begin your journey now and amplify your life.

Step 1

Deposit your USDT or HWGC digital assets.

Step 2

Select a digital asset to purchase your contract.

Step 3

Choose a plan that suits your financial needs and earn.

Short Term 6 months
Mid Term 12 months
Long Term 12 months & above
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