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What is AMPLIFY?

Amplify is your gateway to huge returns on your investment and savings.

Amplify Returns

It provides you with huge returns of 9% every 12 months.

Monthly Payouts

You can enjoy quick results with monthly returns paid out.

Peace of Mind

HWGCash App is licensed by the Labuan FSA, Malaysia.

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How Much Better Is Amplify?

The difference between Amplify and traditional investment growth opportunities are extremely evident over a period of 5 years.

Amplify gives you more than 50% returns on your capital, while traditional methods at 3% returns, give you only 15.9% of compounded returns in 5 years.

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How to Amplify Your Assets in 3 Steps

Begin your journey now and amplify your life.

Step 1

Deposit your USDT or HWGC digital assets.

Step 2

Select a digital asset to purchase your contract.

Step 3

Choose a plan that suits your financial needs and earn.

Short Term 3 months
Medium Term 6 months
Long Term 12 months
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