HWGCash App User's FAQ

A quick guide or commonly asked questions for Users on how to start using HWGCash App

How do I create a HWGCash App account?

Download HWGCash App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and tap the icon to launch app after installed.
Select “Signup” at the welcome screen to create your new HWGCash App account.

Who can sign up to HWGCash App?

HWGCash App is open to all countries (except country under UNSC & Malaysia sanctions list) for download as long as you have a valid passport and aged 18 or above.

Will I need to pay to sign up to HWGCash App?

No. HWGCash App is entirely free for download and signup.

Why do I need to complete the KYC verification?

As a licensed and regulated entity under Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA), we need to know who you are. This helps to keep your money safe and fight money laundering.

How long does it take for my KYC to verified?

It'll usually take no longer than 1 working day after submitted your KYC.

How can I top-up to my HWGCash App?

Login to your HWGCash App account. Select “Top-up” function from home menu screen. Choose preferred top-up method (Wire Transfer / Blockchain Transfer) then key in the HWGC digital currency amount. Make a deposit using digital assets (USDT / BTC) or fiat currency to the equivalent value of HWGC digital currency. (eg: 100 HWGC = 100 USD).

Top-up orders will be processed within the next 24 hours during working day. Orders received on Friday after 12p.m. (GMT+8) will be processed on the next working day.

How do I perform withdrawal or settlement using HWGCash App?

Go to “Withdrawal” function from home menu screen and key in the amount to withdraw. Choose preferred withdrawal method (bank account / prepaid card account) then select choice of currency for withdrawal. Withdrawal / settlement orders will be processed within the next 24 hours during working day. Orders received on Friday after 12p.m. (GMT+8) will be processed on the next working day.

How can I make purchase using HWGCash App?

Login to your account then select “Pay” function from home menu screen. Key in the transaction amount to generate QR code. Flash the Unique QR Code to merchant for scanning of payment. (*Note: Kindly ensure you have available HWGC balance before making any transaction)

Can the HWGCash App be used outside of Malaysia?

Yes, HWGCash App can be used anywhere around the world at our participating partner merchants’ outlets and platforms.

How do I transfer fund to friend or family using HWGCash App?

Select “Transfer” function from home menu screen. At the transfer, select “To Account” to input recipient’s ID (mobile number or email). Enter amount of HWGC to transfer and then select confirm to proceed with the transfer order. (*Note: Kindly ensure you have available HWGC balance before making any transaction)

Is there any Transaction FEE incurs for using HWGCash App?

Yes, a 0.5% of gas fee will be charged to the amount of every transactions that go through HWGC blockchain rail and transactions to third party platform. However, good news is there is no transaction charges between HWGCash App users.

How stable is HWG CASH (HWGC) digital currency? Will they ever fluctuate?

HWG CASH (HWGC) digital currency is a non-fungible token that stable pegged to US dollar currency at ratio of 1 HWGC: 1 USD. Each value is always redeemable at USD 1.00 through our platform. Hence, it is a none-volatile digital currency that acts as a medium for digital assets (USDT / BTC) payment and settlement.

Are there any legal Entity that is backing up the HWG CASH (HWGC) digital currency?

Yes, HWG CASH (HWGC) is Asia’s Leading Cross-Platform Digital Currency under licensed and regulatory of Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA). https://www.labuanibfc.com/areas-of-business/financial-services/credit-token-business/hwgg-capital-plc

Where do I use HWG CASH (HWGC) digital currency for purchases?

HWGC can be used for both online & offline platforms. By visiting any of our participating partner merchants or platforms you can choose to Pay with HWGC then scan the QR code to confirm payment through HWGCash App.

Is HWG CASH (HWGC) digital currency same as ICO Token?

No, it is not the same. HWGC is digital currency whereby it denomination will always equal to USD 1.00. It can be used as value of exchange for products and services at any of our partner merchants or platforms like a real cash!

Who can buy HWG CASH (HWGC) digital currency?

HWGC is only available to non-Malaysian resident for now. To learn more about HWG CASH digital currency in detail, please drop us a text at [email protected] or contact +60176076157. Our personnel shall reach out to you for assistant soonest possible.

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