HwgPay User's FAQ

A quick guide or commonly asked questions for Users on how to utilize / obtain the HWG Cash Token or HwgPay Application

How do i create a HwgPay Account?

Go to Google Play Store to download HwgPay wallet and tap the icon to launch wallet after installed. Select “Signup” at the welcome screen to create a new HwgPay account.

How do I get HWG CASH stable tokens from HwgPay Wallet?

Login to HwgPay account. Select “Top-up” function from home menu screen. Choose preferred top-up method (Wire Transfer / Blockchain Transfer) then
key in the HWG CASH tokens amount to purchase. Make a deposit using digital asset or fiat currency to the equivalent value of HWG CASH purchase. (eg: 100 HWGC = 100 USD). HWG CASH tokens will be credited into wallet within 72 hours on order approval from the company.

How do I perform withdrawal of HWG CASH token using HwgPay?

Go to “Withdrawal” function from home menu screen and key in the amount of HWG CASH token to withdraw. Choose preferred withdrawal method (bank account / prepaid card account) then select choice of currency for withdrawal. Received transaction order notification in HwgPay wallet. Withdrawal of assets will be credited into designated account (Bank / prepaid card) within 3 to 5 working days.

How can I make purchase using HwgPay wallet?

Login to HwgPay account then select “Pay” function from home menu screen. Key in the transaction amount to generate QR code. Flash the Unique QR Code to merchant for scanning of payment.

How do I transfer HWG CASH token using HwgPay?

Select “Transfer” function from home menu screen. At the transfer, select “To Account” to input recipient’s ID (mobile number or email). Enter amount of HWG Cash Tokens to transfer and then select confirm to proceed with the transfer order.

Can the HWG CASH token and HwgPay wallet be used outside of Malaysia?

Yes, HWG CASH token and HwgPay can be used anywhere around the world at our participating partner merchants’ outlets.

Is there any Transaction FEE incurs for using HWG CASH or HwgPay?

Yes, a 0.5% of gas fee will be charged to the amount of every transactions that go through HWG CASH blockchain rail. However, good news is there is no transaction charges between HwgPay’s users.

How stable are these Token? Will they fluctuate?

HWG CASH Tokens is a non-fungible token and stable pegged to US dollar currency. 1 HWGC: 1 USD. Hence, making it safe and none-volatile unlike other tokens in the market.

Are there any legal Entity that is backing up the HWG CASH Tokens?

Yes, HWG CASH is Asia Frist Regulated Stable Cash Token under licensed and regulatory of Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA). https://www.labuanibfc.com/areas-of-business/financial-services/credit-token-business/hwgg-capital-plc

Where do I use HWG CASH Token for purchases?

HWG CASH can be used for both online & offline platforms. Visit any of our participating partner merchants to start purchases with HWG CASH or HwgPay. More about our merchant list at www.hwgcash.com/merchat-list.

Is HWG CASH Tokens is the same as ICO Token?

No it is not the same. HWG CASH is cash token whereby it can be used as value of exchange with products and services at any of our partner merchants’ like a real cash!

Who can buy HWG CASH Token?

HWG CASH token is only available to non-Malaysian residents for now. For more info about HWG CASH stable token, please drop us a text at [email protected]

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