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HWGCash App allows you to have all the convenience of a financial institution and access to elite investments all under one financial app.

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Amplify is your gateway to huge returns on your investment and savings.

  • Grow your savings with amplified returns of 9% per annum. Enjoy bigger returns compared to traditional investing.
  • Double your money in a span of 9 years by compounding your yearly returns.
  • Triple your money within 13 years of investing in Amplify with its massive compounding returns.


Convert digital assets for payments in fiat currency.

  • Seamlessly use digital assets to pay for items and services in your local stores.
  • Use it as a form of emergency cash when you are travelling overseas.
  • You could easily convert digital assets into your local currency by withdrawing to your local bank account.

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Money transfer

Cheap money transfers overseas within seconds.

  • By using the HWGCash App, you have access to one of the fastest international money transfers in the world.
  • Transfer money within seconds and it will only costs you US $0.50 cents to transfer US $100 worth of digital assets.
  • The best part is, you can do it any day of the week, at any time, without even leaving your home. Just a few simple taps on your phone and you could save time and fees.


Convenient and safe digital app to store your assets.

  • HWGCash App is a convenient and safe digital app on your phone to place and store your digital assets.
  • You can store your assets in one place, transfer money when necessary, or invest.
  • Everything your finances need under one roof.

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Your Gateway to Elite Finances.

Download now.

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Upcoming features

We have even more exciting features coming your way. Get ready to enjoy more elite financing opportunities.


Initiate borrowing of funds against your digital assets.

Stock broking

Trade the stock market with your digital assets.

Property investment

Invest and own portions of property projects to your scale.

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