Support USDT Deposit and Withdrawal


Opt for Fastest and Reliable way to cash out your digital assets in seconds.

HWGCash App comes with USDT integration that support direct deposit and withdrawal made from Ethereum based USDT (ERC-20 USDT).

Here’s how to deposit and withdraw USDT with HWGCash App

Appset image

1. Tap the “Top-Up” icon on the home screen

Appset image

2. Select field “Digital Currency” to USDT

Appset image

3. Choose “Blockchain Transfer” for Recharge Type

Appset image

4. Copy / scan address to exchange or ERC-20 support wallet to perform deposit

Appset image

5. Go to withdraw and choose “Balance” input as USDT

Appset image

6. Complete required fields for withdrawal to receive Confirmation

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