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Connected to and Recognized by Thousands of Businesses Worldwide

Load your card with HWG Cash token and start using it for transactions in everyday life! Lesser to 0 exchange hassle.

High acceptance rate (1 HWGC : 1 USD)

Convenient and Easy to Use

Accessible to more than 200 countries & territories worldwide, HWG Cash Card allow you to pay with the same ease as Cash.

Online, offline or cross-border transaction we’ve got you covered.

Breaking Down Barrier between Traditional and Digital

Open up the traditional market to digital spending with HWG Cash token and Card as the mean to bridging up the gap.

Blockchain payments solution for the future. 


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Transact in HWG Cash

Value are constantly Stable with Global Acceptance.

High Limits

Able to Store up to 10,000 HWGC per card

Convenient and Secure

Reduce potential risks of physical cash

Competitive Fees

HWG Cash Card Top up fee at ONLY 0.5%

Tariffs for HWGC Card

Appset image

How to Apply HWGC Card

1.   Open an HWG Cash User Account.


2.   Complete the KYC Process.


3.   Select choice of Card (Visa or UnionPay).


4.   Receive HWG Cash Card at your Doorstep by Secured Post.



HWG Cash Card (UnionPay / Visa) will be distributed from 1st June 2019 onwards