Get Started with HwgPay

Download the HwgPay and start making payments with ease and speed.

Step 1 : Download HwgPay

Visit the App Store or Play Store and search for 'HwgPay' and Download

Step 2 : Register an HwgPay Account

Register an account with HwgPay with your Email OR Mobile Number

Step 3 : Perform KYC

Complete your KYC process & start using HwgPay at its fullest!

Step 4 : Buy HWG Cash & Pay

Purchase HWGC and start using HwgPay for seamless payments experience.

How to Apply HWGC Prepaid Card

Steps to Application & Binding Card

  • Download HwgPay,Register,and Perform KYC to Account
  • Apply HWGC Prepaid Card
  • Application Approved
  • Perform Bind Card to your HwgPay Account
  • Start Spending in USD via Prepaid Card Globally