Get Started with HwgPay

Download the HwgPay and start making payments with ease and speed.

Step 1 : Download HwgPay

Visit the App Store or Play Store and search for 'HwgPay' and Download

Step 2 : Enable HWGC on HwgPay

Create a Wallet and Enable HWGC on your HwgPay App

Step 3 - Register HWG Cash Account

Visit & Register a HWG Cash Account

Step 4 : Buy HWG Cash & Pay

Purchase HWG Cash and start paying with HwgPay, seamless.

How to Download HwgPay?

How to create a HwgPay Wallet

  • Search for 'HwgPay' in your Apple App Store or Google PlayStore
  • Download and Create Your HwgPay Wallet
  • Configure your Passcode
  • Screen Shot your BACKUP Codes & Store it somewhere safe

How to Enabled HWGC?

Enable HWGC with few Simple Steps

  • On the Home Screen
  • Click More Options & Go to Settings
  • Toggle On the 'Enable HWGC'
  • Return to home Screen and you will see HWGC

How to Identify HWG Cash Wallet Address?

Find your Wallet Address

  • Once enabled HWGC
  • you will be able to see the HWGC on home screen
  • Click HWGC and copy the Wallet Address above

How to Pay Merchant with HwgPay?

Start Paying with HwgPay

  • On the Home Screen
  • Select HWGC and Click 'Pay'
  • Face or Finger Print Authentication may be required
  • Merchant will scan your QR and the transaction will be made

How to Send HWGC to another HwgPay User?

Transfer HWG Cash amongst Users

  • On the Home Screen
  • select HWG Cash & click Send
  • You can either Input the Recipients Address or your can scan their wallet QR

How to Receive HWGC from another HwgPay User?

Receiving HWG Cash from Users

  • On the Home Screen
  • Sekect HWG Cash & click Receive
  • The sender can either scan your QR code or you can provide them with your Wallet Address